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Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Slab on Grade

Maccaferri Wirand® steel fibers used in Slab on Grade applications improves the behavior of the concrete in the following terms:

  • Shrinkage
  • Cracking
  • Impacts
  • Energy absorption
  • Temperature variations

Maccaferri fiber reinforced concrete for slab on grade produces several advantages:

  • The structural section is uniformly reinforced throughout its thickness, producing a high performance resistance element
  • Increases joint spacing due to better control of shrinkage during curing
  • Saves time and money in placing the reinforcing fibers, avoids cutting and placing mesh and separators
  • Optimized concrete thickness can be achieved

Maccaferri offers free design assistance for fiber reinforced concrete and PAVE software for slab on grade solutions. Email fibers@maccaferri-usa.com to request PAVE software. For additional customer support, please call 1-800-638-7744 or email your requests to fibers@maccaferri-usa.com

Product family

Fiber Dosing System

FibroMac™ Synthetic Fibers

Wirand® Steel Fibers


Download Maccaferri featured in World Tunneling

Download USA136 PSC Metals IF TN

Download USA141 Blue Plains Tunnel_IF_DC


Download Tunneling Brochure

Download MacGuide

Case History

Download USA092 - Wirand FF1 - Slab - Denver, CO

Download USA137 Aircraft Engine Manufacturing Plant_IF_VA

Download USA124 - Glass Plant Slab on Grade - CA

Download USA125 - Rumpke Recycling Center - Cincinnati, OH

Download USA135 - Industrial Flooring - Jemison Demsey

Download USA147 - Hibbits Dist Cnt AL

Download USA145 - Nissin Brake Facility GA

Download USA146 - Maccaferri Foundation CA

Download USA105 - Wirand FF1 Slab - Martinsville, VA

Download USA106 - Wirand FF1 Slab - Louisville, KY

Download USA068 - Brightwater Tunnel - WA

Download USA069 - PR53 Tunnel - Maunabo, PR

Download USA076 - Pre-Cast - Deluxe Building Systems

Download USA111 - Wind Turbine Foundations - Wirand

Download USA067 - San Francisco Bay Utility Tunnel - CA

Download USA060 - Tingley Coliseum Concrete FLoor - Albuquerque, NM

Download USA059 - North Light Marina Storage Floor - Nicebille, FL

Download USA109 - Bear Creek Winery - Concrete Slab

Download USA110 - Underwater Slab - CA

Download USA061 - Wirand FS7 - Interstate 10 - TX

Product Guide

Download Maccaferri Product Guide

Product Technical Data Sheets

Download FibroMac™ 12- Multi-Filamentary Polypropylene Fiber"

Download Wirand® Fiber FF1"

Download Wirand® Fiber FF2HS"

Download Wirand® Fiber FF3"

Download Wirand® Fiber FS3N"

Download Wirand® Fiber FS7"

Technical Notes

Download Fibers Technical Manual"

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