MacTube® geotextile containers are made from a woven polypropylene (PP) geotextile, ideal for coastal and marine engineering, dredging, and dewatering applications. MacTube® geotextile containers can be used in active coastal protection as a breakwater or groin, or in passive protection as dune rehabilitation or core filling. MacTube® geotextile containers are easy to install, both above and below the water surface.  As a “soft” armored structure, it offers minimal impact to the environment while providing a cost effective alternative to “hard” structures.  MacTube® geotextile containers can be used in the design of several types of coastal engineering structures such as revetments, groins, breakwaters, dikes, dune cores and reefs.

Hydraulically filled with sand, MacTube® geotextile containers can use on-site materials. Dredged material can be easily contained and disposed of, or reused, using MacTube® geotextile containers.

MacTube® is a geotextile container used for:

  • Building coastal and river structures for erosion protection
  • Dewatering a wide variety of wet slurry, waste, and sludge
  • Containing, dewatering and reusing dredged material

MacTube® geotextile containers are constructed of high-strength woven geotextile fabrics that are extremely strong and durable with sewn seams that are up to 33% stronger than any competitor's product. Manufactured in a sand color to blend in with its surrounding, the geotextile fabric is woven in a rip-resistant weave pattern for maximum resistance to damage.

Dewatering & Dredging

MacTube® geotextile containers offer maximum versatility and ease of use for all your dewatering needs. They are a cost-effective alternative to the belt press method of dewatering sludge and eliminate the need for expensive capital expenditures for equipment. By using MacTube® geotextile containers for dewatering, you can increase the efficiency and reduce dewatering time. Dredged material can also be easily contained and disposed of, or reused, using MacTube® geotextile containers. 

Placing and constructing MacTube® geotextile containers is simple and cost effective with minimal impact to the environment.   They can be quickly filled in place, reducing construction time dramatically.  Plus, the extremely strong, high-strength woven geotextile fabric provides increased confidence in material containment. 


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