Maccaferri Gabions are rectangular wire mesh baskets filled with rock at the project site to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures such as retaining walls for commercial, industrial and road projects. When gabions are filled with stone they become large, flexible building blocks from which a broad range of structures can be built. Gabions are also used for erosion control, bank stabilization, channel linings, and weirs.

The main advantages of gabions are their strength and flexibility. Their wire construction can tolerate differential settlement without fracture. Hydrostatic pressure does not build up behind the gabion units because of their permeable nature. This ability to combine drainage and retention functions makes gabions ideal structures for slope stabilization.

The strength of Maccaferri's gabions comes from a double twisted hexagonal steel wire mesh which is reinforced by selvedges of heavier wire running along the edges and by transverse diaphragms. The double twisted wire will not unravel, even when the gabion is cut.

Maccaferri gabions are easily assembled, and require no specialized labor; nearby rock can be used for fill. Maccaferri gabions are available with different levels of protective coating for durability. PVC coated gabions and lacing wire conform to the dimensions and fabrication requirements as specified in ASTM A975-97 and LEED requirements. The baskets, which are manufactured in our Maryland facility, contain between 90-95% post consumer recycled content.

Advantages of woven Maccaferri gabions:

  • Monolithic and flexible structures
  • Tolerates differential settlement
  • Uniform wire coating for extra durability
  • Permeable structures
  • Pre-assembled units for fast installation and higher quality
  • No specialized labor required for installation
  • Soil bioengineering

 Standard sizes for Maccaferri gabions: 

L= Length ft (m)W=Width ft (m)H= Height ft (m)# of Cells
6 (1.8)3 (0.9)3 (0.9)2
9 (2.7)3 (0.9)3 (0.9)3
12 (3.6)3 (0.9)3 (0.9)4
6 (1.8)3 (0.9)1.5 (0.45)2
9 (2.7)3 (0.9)1.5 (0.45)3
12 (3.6)3 (0.9)1.5 (0.45)4
6 (1.8)3 (0.9)1 (0.3)2
9 (2.7)3 (0.9)1 (0.3)3
12 (3.6)3 (0.9)1 (0.3)4
4.5 (1.4)3 (0.9)3 (0.9)1
9 (2.7**6 (1.81 (0.3)3

 **This gabion has 6' x 3' cells

(All sizes and dimensions are nominal with tolerances of ±5%)



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