Terramesh® System

Maccaferri Terramesh® System is a versatile modular system used for soil reinforcement applications such as mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls; reinforced slope systems (RSS) and soil reinforcement. It is used for commercial, industrial, road works, erosion control, and bank stabilization.

Terramesh® structures rely upon the double twist steel wire mesh placed horizontally within the slope with backfill compacted upon it. The gabion type facing element of the Terramesh® System is fully integrated with the double twist mesh reinforcement and is dependent upon the final use of the structure. The double twist mesh reinforcement takes advantage of the friction acting along the surface of the wire and, more importantly, the mechanical interlocking properties of the backfill.

For durability, the zinc coated wire mesh is protected by a polymeric barrier made of PVC. Maccaferri Terramesh® has been evaluated by HITEC (with the collaboration of AASHTO and FHWA) for a 75 year design.

Advantages of the Terramesh® System:

  • Permeability of the front face, guaranteeing drainage of the backfill
  • Flexibility, enabling the structure to tolerate differential ground settlement without compromising structural integrity
  • Ease of construction
  • Significant soundproofing characteristics (18-28 decibels)
  • Structural safety in case of fire near the front face
  • The reduction of environmental impact through the use of vegetation incorporated into the front face of the structure
  • The Versatility of gabions, which allows the formation of a structure with vertical, battered or stepped front face as required and minimization of environmental impact.
  • HITEC Publication - Evaluation of the Maccaferri Terramesh® System Retaining Wall



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Case History

Download USA097 - Triad Mining - Terramesh® System - Spurgeon, IN

Download USA112 - Box Culvert Head and Wingwalls - Rio Grande, PR

Download USA048 - I-35 W St. Anthony's Falls - Minneapolis, MN

Download USA042 - Terramesh Waterfall - Chesapeake, VA

Download USA038 - MES Wall for River Bank Protection - Orlando, FL

Download USA033 - Highway Repair at Botanic Gardens - Bathsheba, Barbados, West Indies

Download USA031 - MSE Wall for River Bank Protection - Las Vegas, NV

Download USA030 - Reinstatement of Highway Embankment - Highway 555, NM

Download USA018 - Terramesh MSE Wall - Los Alamos, NM

Download USA016 - Huhugan Heritage Center Decorative Wall - Maricopa, AZ

Download USA015 - MSE Wall for Sea Defense - Grenada, West Indies

Download USA005 - MSE Structure along I-35E - Minneapolis, MN

Download INT014 - Rockfall Protection Embankment - Antamina Mine, Ancash, Peru

Product Installation Guides

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