Green Gabion®

The Maccaferri Green Gabion® is an environmentally friendly trapezoidal gabion type product used for erosion control for rivers, shorelines and stream banks. Green Gabions® provide immediate and long-term erosion control and create hospitable conditions for plant establishment.

Green Gabions® help to slow water velocities near the banks and trap sediment. They are made of PVC coated double twist mesh baskets with an inclined face of 45° or 60°, lined with a coconut fiber blanket on the facing and filled with a mix of stone and topsoil. The 1,000 gr/m2 heavy coconut mat has a durability of 3 to 5 years allowing the establishment of vegetation.

The integration of the vegetation provides a high resistance and durability of the structure. As the root system develops, the Green Gabion® reinforces the soil, providing a significant resistance to the structure.

Live staking and brush layering are two soil bioengineering techniques frequently used with Green Gabions® to enhance vegetation.

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