Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Segmental Linings

Traditional Excavation for Segmental Linings
Fiber reinforced shotcrete is used for primary segmental linings within traditionally excavated tunnels. It is applied without formwork, and typically without traditional mesh reinforcement.

When appropriate, cast inset final segmental linings also use Wirand® steel fibers. The fiber reinforced concrete is poured or pumped directly into the formwork.

Adding Wirand® steel fibers into the shotcrete can reduce or even eliminate the traditional steel reinforcement used to consolidate the tunnel excavation.

Whether a dry or wet shotcrete method is adopted, steel fiber reinforced concrete has advantages over traditional steel reinforced solutions:

  • Increase in toughness and ductility
  • Reduction of shrinkage cracking
  • Greater safety - operatives do not need to install steel reinforcement which takes time and increases the risk of the tunnel crown collapsing
  • Reduction in lining thickness
  • Reduction of waste
  • Faster installation time

TBM Excavation for Segmental Linings
When a TBM excavation method is used for Segmental Linings, a final lining of pre-cast concrete segments is installed. On countless projects around the world, these segments have been reinforced with Wirand® steel fibers for structural reinforcement and FibroMac™ synthetic fibers for increased fire resistance and control of plastic shrinkage. Unlike polymer macro-synthetic fibers, Wirand® steel fibers structurally reinforce the concrete, and in some instances can entirely replace the traditional steel reinforcement, providing cost and time savings.

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